Chris Param is an artist based out of Southern California. He grew up painting and experimenting with all sorts of mediums till one stuck: collage. Param has been testing the limits with upcycling magazines for over 7 years; creating portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and still lifes. His approach to collage, incorporating hidden elements like words, pictures, and miscellaneous materials, adds an extra layer of depth to his work. This attention to detail encourages viewers to take a closer look, allowing them to discover new aspects and meanings within his creations. 


Looking ahead at the future of innovation in art, I'm exploring various mediums to craft distinctive pieces that resonate with the world. My inspiration largely stems from immersing myself in new encounters—be it connecting with nature, wandering through deserts, beaches, forests, and more, absorbing the organic patterns that flow through these landscapes. Additionally, I find myself lost in imagination through music, drawing from these experiences to breathe life into my art.

My creative pursuits often gravitate toward depicting the emotional challenges of life, while also directing attention towards the promise of brighter days ahead. Ultimately, the pursuit of happiness is a universal quest we all share. I strive to produce work that not only reflects these emotional nuances but also serves as a source of inspiration, motivation, and upliftment for others.

The genuine joy I derive from crafting art that deeply resonates with people fuels my passion. It's this connection on a profound level that brings me immense happiness and propels me forward on this journey. I firmly believe that this path is my purpose on this planet, and I am committed to continuing to create art that speaks to the hearts of others.

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