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My name is Chris Param.


Started my creative journey at 15. Sketching, rendering, painting, and experimenting led me to this passion that I have for expressing myself through art. In the beginning of my career, I had a mixed media project that involved some paint, a magazine, and decoupage. Cutting up photos from the magazine and adhering the pieces to the canvas was the “AHA moment” I had and I wanted to dive even deeper with this newfound technique. Up-cycling old magazines, photographs, paper materials that have been left behind and turning it into works of art intrigued my creative mind. I kept on experimenting and practicing until I truly understood my passion, Collage. 


Throughout the years, I have been creating collage pieces of portraits, landscapes, and abstracts. I have shown my work in many art shows, gallery shows, private events, concerts, and festivals in the western side of the United States. I am currently traveling and branching out, curating my own pop up shows and creating live art at events.


I've been fascinated about portraiture work for quite sometime. Capturing emotions and telling a story through art has always been my goal for inspiring and uplifting spirits. Soon after, I began letting my mind wander with an abstract series. I fell in love with the freedom of expressionism. Creating worlds of color and mixing in souls of inspiration. I chose to be an artist because I absolutely love the process, physically and mentally. The way art can communicate and formulate thoughts from an audience and even the artist themselves is truly remarkable. 


A lot of my inspiration comes from living through new experiences. I love connecting with nature and appreciating every little detail it presents us. Walking through the desert, beaches, forests, and seeing all the organic patterns flowing throughout the land while listening to music will always be my favorite past and present time. Music has played a big role in my career as an artist. Getting into that meditative flow state when creating is the best feeling I have ever experienced in this lifetime. I can describe this as transcending into a space where time doesn’t exist. It is such a beautiful unique feeling that is so inspiring and motivating.


It has been 15 years since I’ve started this journey, but it always feels like I’m just beginning. There is still so much to learn on this creative path and I cannot wait to continue inspiring the world through my art.